Who Killed George Floyd? | The American Spectator

Who killed George Floyd? George Floyd did. Alas, I strongly suspect that the chances of Derek Chauvin – or any of the other police officers involved – finding a judge with more moral courage than Pontius Pilate are extremely slim. Who Killed George Floyd?

Greater Manchester Police: 60% of crimes not fully investigated.

Except “hate crimes” of course. There’s always time & resources to pursue people who’ve said something “offensive” or committed secular blasphemy or made an inappropriate joke. And, don’t worry, money might be tight but there’ll always enough to put rainbow liveries on our vehicles or print glossy “hate crime” leaflets. The Great British Police Farce. […]

Another Great British Police Farce

“So even though Linehan is a loathsome, virtue-signalling prig, he deserves our support. He has discovered, belatedly, that those on the left are as vulnerable as those on the right if we don’t all stand up for free speech.” Hate crimes are fake crimes.

Police Wave the W***e Flag

It’s a b***k day when a senior police officer faces disciplinary action for demanding the highest standards of integrity & conduct. I suspect the investigation will be a w***ewash. I long for the day when leaders with a back bone give short shrift to the sanctimonious, self-righteous, cry bullies who make these complaints and discipline […]

Video: The EDL descends on Bradford for the ‘Big One’

The prelude to Bill Wilson’s recorded sermons used to say something like, “His life is the story of a man who walks a fine line between two worlds: the world of conventional Christianity and the other, a nether world of violence & drugs – but not quite fitting into either realm”. I’m not quite sure my […]