Jesus, friend of racist bigots.

Yesterday the scripture reading in the service was of The Good Samaritan – a parable so overly-familiar that its power and shock are somewhat lost. Here is my take on it, originally posted 2 years ago but even more pertinent now than ever… Recently I was involved in a version of “The Moral Maze” – […]

Black Dads Matter

Of all the 100’s of hours of interviews he’s conducted, Dave Rubin cites this 8 minutes as one of his most significant epiphanies. Larry Elder comprehensively blows to smithereens the whole victim mentality of “institutional racism” as we like to call it in the UK. But the most significant part kicks in at the 6’00 […]

The strange death of Europe. Douglas Murray. Dave Rubin. Milo Yiannopoulos.  Seems like increasingly it’s gay men who are having the courage to call out the bizarre cultural suicide we are committing in the West.  Apparently, support for nationalist parties (”far right” in the Lame Stream Media parlance) is growing amongst the LGBTQWERTY community.  If […]

Jesus, friend of racist bigots.

Recently I was involved in a version of “The Moral Maze” –  getting a group of 11-16 year-olds to consider the Biblical perspective to some “Moral Dilemmas”: When – if ever – is civil disobedience called for? Should we buy a slave to assure their freedom? Under what circumstances – if any – should we […]