The Antidote to BLM BS by MLK

Rather than pursuing the divinely inspired, unifying dream of Martin Luther King, the Black Lies Lives Matter movement have unleashed a demonically possessed, divisive nightmare. In an excellent article in defence of liberalism, Douglas Murray quotes another of MLK’s lesser known dreams: Let us be dissatisfied until that day when nobody will shout, “White Power!”, […]

Hasn’t Israel Folau been punished enough?

The question in the title is rhetorical. The answer appears to be an emphatic NO. If you want to see what the modern face of fascism looks like, then read this article. When it comes to persecuting their ideological opponents, the swastika of the Gestapo is being supplanted by the rainbow of the gaystapo. No […]

Calm down! Your freedom of speech is not under threat | Spectator USA

Godfrey Elfwick is quite simply the grand master of satire! I’m glad twitter banned him – we can’t have people laughing at our glorious, sanctimonious, supercilious, virtue-signalling overlords of the interweb willy-nilly. He needs to be made an example of. “Anyone who has almost every aspect of their online life taken away from them is […]

Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fireu

Just in case you had no idea how bad it really is, read and weep… The Top 40 Horrors Lurking in the Small Print of Theresa May’s Brexit Deak (Surely even the most ardent – but honest – Remainers can see the horrors this contains, can’t you?)

The people vs Brexit: a very elite insurgency

An article of undiluted truth. Absolute belter by Rod Liddle, delivering a rasping condemnation of the arrogant, illiberal, condescending rabble of anti-democratic elitists bent on reversing Brexit. Particularly galling are the quotes from Anna Soubry, Paddy Ashdown, John Major and a gaggle of other “People’s Vote” (sic) advocates from pre EU-referendum result. The ones where […]