Tying the (Tautological) Knot

[Given this news: “Civil partnerships: First mixed-sex unions take place“, thought I would re-publish this post, originally posted 18/10/2017] This article illustrates wonderfully the inequality that “equal marriage” has created, and the tautological nonsense that has ensued. When marriage was divorced from the biological reality of a reproductive sexual union of a male and a […]

The problem with gay surrogacy

Well this article will go down like a lead balloon with everyone who is keen to parade their Pride credentials or covets a Stonewall accolade. We all know that “putting the best interests of the children first” is the right thing to say. But the children won’t kick up a fuss if you don’t – […]

Another Christian has lost his livelihood

Daniel Davidson was an exceptional young man. Physically fit & healthy, handsome, intelligent, well read and a quick learner. He quickly rose to the highest echelons of his organisation – the most trusted adviser of the CEO. He was also a Christian. This latter point irked some people because … well, it just does. So […]