If I Were a Betting Man

Don’t let the fact that I was on the right side for Brexit & Trump & GBBO unduly influence you, but if you were the sort of person who wanted to make some easy money, I’d take a punt on The Republicans making impressive gains in the USA mid term elections.

I think ordinary, keep-your-head-down voters are utterly sick to death of sanctimonious actors, talk show hosts and rock stars telling them they’re racist, sexist, closed-minded, thick, hateful bigots. I think they’re tired of the relentless & unashamedly biased mainstream media publish hit-pieces, half-truths and down right lies when it so blatantly contradicts what they can see with their own eyes. And I think they’re weary of shrill, shrieking, aggressive, foul-mouthed, genuinely hate-filled “activists” who call what is good, evil, and what is evil, good.

So, quietly and calmly, they’ll do the only thing they can do to make themselves heard – walk into a polling booth and give the Vs to the lot of them by putting an X in the Republican box.

Will the celebs, media & activists learn? If the past 2 years of Trump & Brexit are any indicator then I very much doubt it. They’ll think it means they didn’t insult enough, patronise enough or be underhand enough. They’ll blame democracy itself. You can be sure the only people they won’t blame are themselves.

Praying & predicting a #RedWave. God bless America. God bless Trump.

Welcome to the Corporate Culture Wars

The #redhen fiasco happening in the States at the moment reminded me of this article on how the “liberal” left manage to ruin everything.

Like the Midas touch in reverse, every golden thing they touch turns base.

When corporations virtue signal, the social justice warriors may cheer but their audiences dwindle, their shops empty, their incomes fall. Conversely, when social justice warriors target a corporation to in order to harass them, the exact opposite outcome seems to happen (as Protein World discovered… shameless opportunity to show their disgusting, shameful, triggering advert!)

Be it churches, sports stadiums, coffee shops or elections, it seems like whenever the public are given an anonymous vote on anything – whether it’s with their feet, their wallets or their actual votes – running on a “liberal, progressive” ticket is a sure fire vote loser.

Redhen might be about to get its neck wrung.