Sermons from the King

Sometimes it’s hard to put emotions into words. Today was one of those days.
I had the opportunity to visit the church – and visitor centre – of Martin Luther King jnr. What an incredible, anointed & courageous servant of Christ.
There are so many profound words and stories that I could quote & reflect on. And I’ll definitely share more when I’m back home. But for today it’s enough to record that I went away truly humbled; moved to tears by many of the things I read & saw; knowing that I had been in the arena of the sublime. I guess it must be something like the experience people express after visiting the Holy Land, or even (inversely)  when they visit Auschwitz.

For now I’m looking forward to reading the book of his sermons.  The depth of his love & devotion to his saviour (and mine) is unmistakable. He may be known for his civil rights achievements, but he was first & foremost a servant of the Lord most high.

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