Borders, Bollards and Betrayal

In 37 minutes, @MarkSteynOnline summarises everything that is wrong with the world! Too many good quotes to list them all. Here’s just a few …

On Afghanistan … “24 hours after the last western soldier leaves it will be as if we were never there.”

If you were a homosexual under the Taliban they’d build a wall, stand you underneath and crush the wall on you. Don’t knock it, it was the only construction work available in Afghanistan. You’d be surprised – it was good for business!!

On Rotherham … “This is truly one of the most evil phenomena of our times… Essentially the British state has determined to sacrifice it’s youngest and most vulnerable girls on the altar of so-called multiculturalism“.

On Wittenberg … “These are conscious sacrifices to the volcano gods of multiculturalism.

On Mass Migration … “‘Don’t really understand the alliance between the left and Islam’? … the apparent contradictions are less relevant than the fact that both the left and Islam believe in a powerful, all-powerful state enforcing its diktats … The accommodations the secular euro-left will reach with Islam will be accomplished surprisingly smoothly.




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